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Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to DCFW or will move-in soon.  How do I get plugged into all of the activities?

The DCFW Welcoming Committee is here for you. Please contact the committee chair as soon as possible. Plus, you will certainly want to login to this website to access information available only to DCFW residents. Just email our Webmaster and tell us your name(s) and street address. Also, DCFW residents can join our Facebook private group. You must, however, have a Facebook account. All our new neighbors are invited to attend the annual DFCW Newcomers Dinner free of charge. If you a new resident of the City of Dunwoody then use this link to pickup your welcome kit.

How much are annual dues in DCFW?  Are they mandatory?

DCFW neighborhood association collects $50 per year (as of 2024). Sometimes there is an "early-bird" discount of $10 and there is always a prorated first-year rate for new neighbors. These dues are per household and voluntary. The dues are mainly used for upkeep of the DCFW Entrance. Social events and luminaries are self-funded.

I don't have a printed directory.  How do I get one?

Printed directories are provided to all residents who have paid neighborhood association dues to DCFW. The current edition of the printed DCFW Directory is June 2016. (We do plan to print a new one very soon.) The most up-to-date neighborhood directory information, including baby-sitter and pet sitter-lists, is always available at this website to all DCFW residents.

How do I view the DCFW Directory information on-line?

For our resident's security, the Directory Menu is protected from random view and search engine robots. To access the current Directory information you must Login at this website. Once you are logged in you may access the Directory Menu as well as the other DCFW residents only areas.

My information in the On-Line and/or Print Directory is incorrect.  How do I update it?

Just Login at this website (see below) and make the any additions or changes yourself. Click the your Household dropdown link (near the top of the home page) and select Review My Details. Or, you can select your house in the Directory listings. Then click the Update/Add to your DCFW Data button and follow the instructions. Be sure to Save your changes. If you have never setup your account and do not have a password then keep reading or contact the DCFW Webmaster. Alternatively, you can just email your updates and additions to Directory Editor.

How do I Login to the DCFW website?

Your DCFW account is password protected in conjunction with other security measures. To Login click Neighbor Login near the top of the page. Then just select your street name from the drop-down list, enter your 4-digit street address and your password and then click Login. That's it. If you do not already have your password then keep reading. If we have your email address on file you can simply click Forgot Your Password? (see below). If you are a new neighbor or just need assistance please contact DCFW Webmaster. Each DCFW house uses their own password and can change it whenever necessary. Once you Login you will automatically have access to the password protected areas on this website. All 144 homes in DCFW are eligible for an on-line account.

What to do if you lost or forgot your Password?

If your DCFW HOA information includes your email address(es) and they are up-to-date you can just use the Forgot Your Password? link (within the Login box). This is a self-service feature of the website. You will promptly receive an email from Webmaster@DCFW.net that contains additional instructions. Click the link in the email and you will be presented with a form. Create a new password and submit. You are now good to Login in the normal manner. Just make sure you can receive the Webmaster's email. Hopefully, it is not rejected or misdirected to your spam/junkmail folder.

We need to change our password.  How do I do that?

Just use the Forgot Your Password? link (see above). Be sure to advise other family member(s) of the new password.

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